About Me


A Trusted Clinical Hypnotherapist in Victoria, BC

My name is Harmony Shaw, and I am a hypnotherapist who founded Beyond Consciousness Hypnotherapy in Victoria, BC. I will work with you one on one to explore options that will help you on your journey to recovery.

My Practice

Through my practice, I have been known for treating a variety of health conditions for more than two years. Apart from working with clients, I use hypnosis in my life and for my family’s needs.

Keeping an open mind helps me in guiding more clients to their self-improvement. As a professional, I will work with you personally to learn about your condition and understand what you need for your healing process. This and my up-to-date practices allow me to attend to your needs more efficiently.

My Core Values

I specialize in providing spiritual hypnosis to guide all my clients to their recovery. Aside from that, I am willing to learn new concepts that help develop my skills.

Reach Out

Contact me today for any questions about what I do.